Card processing system
Remittance money


POS processing solutions to scale and manage the POS network. 

Guavapay provides full assistance on the hardware and software solutions that best meet their business requirements and guarantees compatibility and compliance with payment. 


Beyond modern POS solutions, financial institutions need comprehensive services that integrate deployment, management, field services, analytics, and compliance at compatible costs.

In-store and Mobile Guavapay POS processing solutions are designed to acquire and manage card transactions across multiple channels, terminals, payment tools,  currencies, value-added services, technologies and services. We interface with international card schemes to process transactions.

Guavapay Acquiring Processing includes the creation of billing and terminal contracts of any hierarchy in the processing system, configuration, installation and further support of POS terminals on the territory of the merchant. 



Fully-certified and PCI-compliant terminal range for any business need


  • Installation of Ingenico, Verifone and Pax terminal devices
  • Installation of POS trading    terminals and cashpoints


Guavapay will help you to find the best POS hardware and software options for your business and provide you support to ensure you’re always accepting comfortable payments.



Merchant Portal

Reporting tools to help you to manage your transactions


The Merchant Portal is a data management tool that helps Financial Institutions and Businesses to make better business decisions with transactions

The supplementary service for merchant and service enterprises and banks on monitoring and management of terminals (merchant’s cabinet).

The Merchant Portal enables operators of both registered merchants and the acquirer banks to manage terminals and transactions in detail. It provides insights on sales and customer behavior with real-time data and tracks down all your transaction services in online mode and keeps a record of transactions and commissions. Merchant Portal insights help you run the business more efficiently, and more profitably.


 Reporting tools to help you to manage your transactions
 Real-time transaction report
 Optimise your fraud and risk settings
 Chargebacks, reconciliation, and dispute management services  


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