Ensure high ATM availability,  
improved services quality 
and increased revenues


Guavapay ATM acquiring solution provides support and comprehensive information in the implementation of ATM services. The sophisticated monitoring network of the ATMs provides a real-time snapshot of all network ATMs to incessantly control the operation and take necessary preemptive measures when needed.  

Guavapay's processing system supports NDC and DDC protocols which means that Guavapay works with a wide range of compatible ATM vendors and models (NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold and etc.) that can be easily integrated into our system.         One of the main points is that all transactions are completed in accordance with international standards.

The deep expertise of Guavapay in ATM deployment paves a smooth and obstacle-free road for Financial Institutions to build and scale up their network of ATMs, ensuring maximum benefit for cardholders and profitability for banks.



If you’re looking for a company to set up transaction processing services for your ATM, Guavapay is the right place for you. 

Real-Time incessant control of ATM Network
Support Of NDC And DDC Protocol for easy integration of all ATM model



Transactions and services supported by Guavapay ATM Acquiring


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