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Detect and prevent fraud using Fraud Management Infrastructure by Guavapay.

GUAVAPAY is a high-tech company with the strongest security level that prevents all possible external interference. The company complies with the PCI DSS, PCI PIN Security, and PCI 3DS requirements and undergoes the necessary audits annually. Thus it implies the multilevel security hierarchy that makes all presumably suspicious entries and other frauds impossible. 





Guavapay fraud prevention solution prevents fraud in issuing and acquiring transactions, supports online mode (pre-authorisation). Guavapay Fraud Prevention will analyse the transaction before authorization in real-time mode. In case the suspicious transaction is detected the system will block the transaction. Friendly Interface of Fraud Monitoring Module enables the setting of rules through the user interface without the need to change the program code. The following functionalities can be specified.

Audit types – historical, aggregating, statistic


The support of white and black lists


Resources to inquiry fraud actions


Standard data reporting




Guavapay implements one of the most significant fraud prevention solutions - 3D Secure V2

3DS2 is a security protocol that provides an extra layer of protection for online credit and debit card purchases and it ensures the cardholder's authentication and protection against fraudulent transactions. 

3DS2 prompts compliance with SCA regulations that stipulate two-factor authentication as a requirement for all electronic payments which enables more effective prevention of fraud transactions.



More secure card payments with 2FA

Two-factor authentication (2FA), often called dual-factor authentication or two-step verification gives a more sophisticated level of protection by adding an extra layer of security to your online platforms. Instead of simply inputting your username and password, a two-factor authentication process requires additional information, such as a fingerprint,  security questions, SMS messages, OTPs, push notifications, and an answer to a code that’s been sent to you.



The Access Control Server by Guavapay system assures the participation of cardholders in secure e-commerce payment programs of Payment Systems.

Access Control Server (ACS) by Guavapay system interacts with the Directory Servers of International Payment Systems to protect e-commerce security payments. ACS is an issuing service and serves to ensure security in transactions on e-commerce merchants. At the moment the Guavapay ACS system supports secure payments VbV (payment system Visa), SecureCode (payment system MasterCard).