Guavapay Limited is a UK-based Fintech company driving innovation in payments and business optimization. 

The world of processing technology is robust and fast-evolving. Guavapay Limited is a reliable card processing technology partner that offers a wide range of payment processing services, innovative software, and reliable services to customers globally. 

Guavapay is a global card processing center that provides acquiring services and issuing services to Financial Institutions, Businesses and Corporations. Guavapay’s reliable and flexible payment processing infrastructure enables our partners to benefit from a suite of optimized and tailor-made products. 

Guavapay is on a mission to provide tailor-made solutions to power diverse seamless payment services in one place.

Guavapay offers a comprehensive range of solutions framed around a digital platform for cross-border payments, money transfers, and online banking services. Another development vector is focused on card processing, offering card issuing, and acquiring services.

The company is certified as Electronic Money Institution by Financial Conduct Authority since 2019.


Guavapay passes security checks in accordance with PCI DSS standards on time and has PCI DSS, PCI 3DS, and PCI PIN Security certificates. 

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A comprehensive payment processing platform is supported by a partnership with the major payment systems. 


Guavapay system can comprise different Financial Institutions with the possibility to adjust interrelations, for example, agreement commissions, transactions and restrictions. For Companies that do not have a financial license we offer a very simple scheme of cooperation:

- We provide due diligence of that company - Company representatives fill the forms, which help us to understand the setting and the aims of the product. - We agree on the revenue share and the costs associated with the project and use of our systems - Product is being certified in correspondent Payment System (s) and then launched.


The Guavapay Integration Platform (GIP) is a set of services, tools and technologies that allow customers to access the enhanced functionality of Guavapay modules using third-party solutions. GIP is a standalone application with its own database and user interface.

The main aim of the GIP module is to provide the flexible integration of Guavapay modules with external systems. Guavapay GIP works in conjunction with the API Management system as a “Sandbox” model enabling corporate clients to easily integrate their own systems.  

GIP consists of the following modules:

  • Core
  • Own Database
  • User Interface