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Today's E-commerce is fast and robust. Our e-Commerce services will help to stay at the forefront of online payments and accept online transactions.

Guavapay offers a comprehensive suite of services and advanced technologies that enable financial institutions, PSPs, and IPSP to manage the full transaction processing cycle in E-commerce while providing seamless support for customers’ unique business needs. One of these technologies is GUAVAPAY e-Commerce Payment Gateway (EPG).

Guavapay E-commerce Payment Gateway (EPG)

A robust, innovative, scalable, and secure solution to provide payment acceptance services.

The Guavapay E-commerce Payment Gateway is used as a technology platform. The EPG enables acquirers to deliver a fast, simple and secure payment processing experience to expand their merchant and customer base. It enables PSPs and IPSPs to provide optimized and secure online payments acceptance, driving business growth.

The latest technologies and tailor-made services drive growth and optimization in online payments. perform the necessary safety procedures without the need to significantly restructure their Internet store site and existing business processes.

EPG module can interact with the Guavapay Modules or can be used as an external e-commerce payment gateway.

Financial institutions

Payment services provider

Internet Payment providers

The set of services and functionalities by GUAVAPAY EPG to improve your cutomers e-commerce business

Recurring payments cpu
Account status Inquiry money
P2P payments wallet
Preauthorization receipt
Tokenization circle
3D Secure wallet
Purchase card
RESTful API lock

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