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The Guavapay Integration Platform (GIP) is a set of services, tools and technologies that allow customers to access the enhanced functionality of Guavapay modules using third-party solutions. GIP is a standalone application with its own database and user interface.

The main aim of the GIP module is to provide the flexible integration of Guavapay modules with external systems. Guavapay GIP works in conjunction with the API Management system as a “Sandbox” model enabling corporate clients to easily integrate their own systems.

GIP consists of the following modules:




User Interface

Prevent fraud authorizations using robust authorization methods

Guavapay makes the payments simpler by enabling to accept all major credit and debit card payments from customers online, offline, in-store and in-person. Our company is the participant and Principal Member of the major payment systems.

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1. Register your interest

Register your interest: get in touch with us, either directly or by filling the application form. Let us know the basic details of your business and the type of solution you are looking to adopt.

NOTE: This product is only available to Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay International Principal or Affiliate Members


2. Proposal and agreement

Your provided information will help us outline a technical solution, plan implementation steps, and estimate an implementation timeline. We will get back to you with an offer tailored to match your specific business requirements. Once the offer is accepted, we can continue with negotiating and signing the agreement.

3. Implementation and integration

Depending on your preferred service package, Guavapay project implementation team will proceed with filling-in all the necessary forms, solution configuration and integrations


4. Go-live

As soon as the solution is implemented, tested and approved, it is ready for production Go-live.

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